contactsEven though contacts are safe to wear on a daily basis, the risk of infection is always there. Some of the factors that contribute to this risk of infection include poor hygiene, extended wear, and reduced tear exchange underneath the lens. To prevent infection and stay comfortable while wearing your contacts, it’s important that you follow certain care guidelines:

  • Any time you handle your contacts, make sure you thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water. This will prevent any contaminants on your hands from getting onto your lenses.
  • When your contacts get dry, never try to use your saliva to get them wet again. To ensure you’re never tempted to do this, try keeping a small bottle of contact solution with you in your car or in your purse.
  • Don’t try to wear a pair of contact lenses for as long as possible. Instead, wear and dispose of them according to the schedule we prescribe for you at Friedman Eye Care.
  • When you clean your contacts, rub them with your fingers. Then, rinse them off with solution. You should still do this even if you use a “no rub” solution.
  • Instead of rinsing your contact lens case with water, use contact solution and leave it open so that it’s able to air dry.
  • Your contact lens case can become easily contaminated. To avoid infection, plan on cleaning it thoroughly or replacing it at least every three months.