eye careWhen you think about taking care of your eyes, you probably think about scheduling regular eye exams and not sitting too close to the television. While both of these things are good, wearing sunglasses whenever you go outside is arguably an even more important part of eye care. Here are a few reasons why wearing sunglasses should be a regular and consistent part of your eye care routine:

  • Spending between two and three hours in the sun can harm your eyes’ ability to switch between dark and light outdoor and indoor environments. If your eyes have problems with dark adaptation, it can get in the way of your ability to drive safely at night.
  • When your eyes are exposed to UV light regularly, you raise your risk of developing cataracts. While wearing a hat as part of your eye care routine can block approximately 50% of the sun’s rays, there is no replacement for protecting your eyes with sunglasses.
  • Getting cancer around the eyelids is much more common than you might initially think. Whether you are playing sports, driving, walking your dog, or doing anything else in the sun, wearing sunglasses can lower your risk of developing skin cancer around your eyes.

If you want to make eye care a priority by wearing sunglasses, it’s also important to wear the right type of glasses. The sunglasses you wear should fully cover your eyes and block up to 99 percent of UVA and UVB radiation.