Glasses Are you contemplating corrective lenses? Are you dreading the decision-making process: the trying on of frames, exploring different types of contacts, and figuring out which of all the styles is right for you. We’ll help you with all of this and more, making sure that you go home happy with your choice.

Choosing between glasses and contacts is a major choice, and one of the first things you need to think about is how active you are. It can be tough to be objective about this, but realistically, if one is an athlete or performer, contacts might make more sense, while someone who works a desk job or one who requires a lot of reading might do better with glasses. Often, people who read a lot develop dry or tired eyes and find that contacts are more challenging to wear. At Friedman Eye Care, we specialize in relieving dry eyes, so we can help you if contacts start to irritate your eyes, or if dryness is a pre-existing condition of yours.

Sometimes, the most important issue when deciding between glasses and contacts is how they make you look, and how you feel wearing them. To make this choice easier, we’ll introduce you to our expansive selection of glasses and contacts. If you happen to like something we don’t have on hand, we’ll order it because your satisfaction is our top priority. Whatever your preference, we’ll consult extensively with you to make sure you get the best style and most comfortable fit, so that whether you choose glasses or contacts, you’re excited to wear what you get.