GlassesLike many trending things, glasses can have some interesting extremes. While you may settle on a more demure design, your peers may be choosing from a list of pinks, patterns, and punk. Whether these modern glasses are right for you or not, you can’t help but appreciate the uniqueness of each.  Check out this list of trending frames from Fashion Tag.

  1. Color Me Blind – Color, color, and more color! Whether you favor blue, purple, red, or any other color on the spectrum, you are sure to find a modern frame in your favorite flavor.
  2. Make It Thick – Thick frames are definitely still on-trend. Those dark, thick glasses in bold colors continue to make a great statement piece for your wardrobe. They are both professional and fun, making them a perfect choice for fashion-forward men and women of all ages.
  3. Retro – With thinner frames and very simplistic designs, modern, retro styles make studious individuals look fabulous. For both men and women, simple frames that are more hidden than loud make for a perfect modern choice.
  4. Texture – Included in this batch of wild eyewear are leopard prints, zebra stripes, floral designs, and more. These may be more for the boldest of trend-setters, but people of all ages can get inspired by these unique glasses.
  5. Cat-Eye Inspired – Sleek and mysterious, these frames have been coming and going for some time. However, they have recently made a comeback and are taking the eyeglass world by storm.