Eye Care ServicesHere at Friedman Eye Care, we have strong local roots. We’ve supplied the Lake Norman area with our eye care services for more than 25 years and many of our professionals are North Carolina natives. We’ll give you the attention that only a good neighbor can give because we know that a good community takes care of each other. We like to think of ourselves as a throwback to the old days, when everyone actually knew their doctor, and each patient was treated like an individual. We’ll do our best to treat you like we’d treat family, regardless of which of our eye care services you’re in need of.

We are equipped to test and treat for dry eye syndrome, glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and many other possible issues, and we’d like to be your first choice for all of your eye care needs. If you begin to see spots or floating shadows across your vision, or experience light sensitivity, these are obvious signs you should seek help. We have specialists who are highly familiar with dry eye and dry eye syndrome, and a whole staff of caring doctors and technicians who will get to know you and your case closely in order to give you the best, most personalized care. We will listen to your symptoms, test your eyes, and figure out how to best to help you. Come see us at Friedman Eye Care and experience our uniquely human eye care services.