cataract evaluationThe lenses of your eyes are supposed to be clear, but if you have cataracts, a cloudy or opaque area will cover them. If you feel like cataracts are interfering with your normal vision and you have scheduled a cataract evaluation with our office, here’s what you can expect during your appointment:

  • We will go over your history as a patient to find out if vision problems are interfering with your daily activities.
  • A visual acuity measurement will be taken during your cataract evaluation to determine how severely the cataracts are impairing your vision.
  • We will use refraction to figure out if you need to change your contact lens or eyeglass prescription.
  • We will evaluate your lenses using high magnification to determine the location of any cataracts.
  • We will measure how much pressure is in your eye and evaluate your retina.

If we conclude that you do have cataracts during your cataract evaluation, we may need to conduct further testing. Once we do this, we will be able to put together a conclusive plan for prevention and treatment.

Please remember that there are many factors that can contribute to the development of cataracts, and not all of them are preventable. For example, studies have shown that if your eyes are frequently exposed to ultraviolet radiation, you are more likely to get cataracts. On the other hand, cataracts often develop when age-related changes occur in the eye.