Vision care centerHello, we’re Friedman Eye Care, and we’re your local vision care center! We’d like to get to know you better in the upcoming months and years, but here’s a little bit of information about us.

Our eye doctor, Dr. Steven D. Friedman, has had a long and successful career. He and his wife, Jan, have raised a family right here in Lake Norman. Dr Friedman was outstanding in his university studies, and has served as president of his homeowners’ association, as well as serving the public as a communications advisor to several police departments in the region. Dr. Friedman has practiced here for over 25 years, and specializes in treating glaucoma and dry eyes, among other eye issues. Dr. Friedman and his wife live on Lake Norman and enjoy various water sports with their dog, Lillian. They also enjoy visiting with their four grown children.

Our optician, John Bedingfield, is also closely connected with North Carolina, having been born and raised in Charlotte. John went to Durham Tech, and has been a licensed optician since 1991, so his professional experience and local roots are very deep.

At Friedman Eye Care, we value our hometown connection because we know that a real vision care center can’t just deal with biology or chemistry; real medicine involves taking an interest in the person, not just the patient. We hope that our strong connection to Cornelius and the Lake Norman area will help us connect with you, so we can give you the best possible care. We’re your local vision care center, and we’d like to meet you!