Eye DoctorYou do as much as you can to ensure your child is safe, happy, and healthy. This includes taking them to regular office visits that will one day be a part of their annual routine. Starting children early with these important habits may help them avoid fear and anxiety down the road, and it will help them get into the habit of making all parts of their health a priority.

The American Optometric Association suggests that children should have their first eye doctor visit and full eye exam by the time they are six months old.  This helps to ensure there are no vision problems that might be corrected early and that could be made worse without treatment. This also helps to know if your infant is struggling with problems that he or she is unable to communicate with you.

If you notice certain symptoms in your child, taking them to see an eye doctor is especially important. Symptoms can include:

  • Irregular movement
  • Eyes that do not align properly
  • Rubbing eyes often even when the child is not tired
  • Problems with the eyelids or areas around the eye, such as a partially closed eye
  • Spots on the eye or iris
  • Cloudy eyes
  • Inability to follow objects after 1 month
  • Not distracted by bright lights or moving options

Even if your first visit to the eye doctor is uneventful, it is best to visit them again every two years. To find out more, contact us today!