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At Friedman Eye Care in Cornelius, NC, we will get you on your way to enjoying your prescription glasses in no time.


Prescription Glasses

Is it your first time wearing prescription glasses and you aren’t really sure what to expect? You picked out the perfect frames, but now that you’ve been wearing your glasses, you feel kind of funny, and your eyes don’t focus the same way. We have some tips for how to adjust to wearing your new glasses.

  • Wear Them Daily – It sounds pretty silly, but you will have a longer adjustment period if you don’t wear your new prescription eyeglasses every day. Before you had your glasses, one eye may have been compensating for the other eye to help you with daily tasks. Now that your weaker eye has been corrected, the primary eye has to learn not to work so hard. Wearing your glasses daily will help your eyes learn to work together better.
  • Move Your Head – While this might take some practice, moving your head instead of your eyes will alleviate dizziness and headaches over the first few days. Remember that your peripheral vision will be different wearing glasses, so moving your head will help you adjust to this change. After a few days of practice, this will become a little more natural.
  • Store Your Glasses in A Safe Place – You got an awesome new glasses case with your new frames, so use it! Prescription glasses aren’t always cheap, and you want your glasses to last for a long time. Especially when you are sleeping or participating in activities where you cannot wear your glasses, storing them safely will prevent scratching or breaking.
  • Clean the Lenses – If you notice that you have tiny spots on your lenses or they are smudged, this can affect your vision negatively. Prescription glasses also collect dust, which can make your vision blurry. Use clear water or lens cleaner with a scratch-free cloth, and you will be on your way to clear vision.

These tips may sound simple, but they will get you on your way to enjoying your prescription glasses in no time. If you are in the Cornelius, NC area, our team at Friedman Eye Care would love to see you to discuss your new glasses and healthier vision. Call us today to schedule your appointment!

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