Eye Care Products, Davidson, NC

We take pride in offering the Davidson area the ultimate in eye care products.

Eye Care Products in Davidson, North CarolinaSo much of what brings joy in our lives is dependent on seeing properly that it is no wonder that most people take the selection of eye care products quite seriously. And nobody takes it more seriously than our team at Friedman Eye Care. We take pride in offering the Davidson, North Carolina area the ultimate in eye care products– ones you can feel good about for yourself and your family. When you are looking for a wide selection and top quality, let our friendly professionals show you that we are the place to turn to.

Not only do we already have over 600 specialty frames in stock, but we can order almost any frame you want. In addition to a great selection of frames, we also have numerous lens choices, including Zeiss high-definition, Varilux progressives, high-index (super thin), polycarbonate for kids, industrial safety, Crizal anti-reflective, transitions/photochromic, and sports eyewear lenses. If glasses aren’t your objective, we also have a wide variety of contacts, including disposables, tinted and bifocals.

Eye care products are not only for vision correction, but also to protect your eyes. Let our professionals help you select the right ones for your lifestyle. On top of that, you can also match your sense of style, and with our competitive pricing, you can choose a number of eye care products so you can match your mood or wardrobe as well.

Drop by and see our selection or give us a call to set an appointment. Choosing the best eye care products just got a whole lot easier!






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