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Contacts in Davidson, North CarolinaIf you have worn glasses for years, you may have wondered or even seriously considered getting contacts instead. Contacts offer so many benefits over eyeglasses that it is natural to want to know more about them. At Friedman Eye Care, we can help you make this decision by going over the advantages of each and performing a consultation and fitting, should you decide to proceed.

Wearing glasses has a few inconveniences that can be eliminated by using contacts instead. Contacts don’t fog up when you go from indoors to outdoors, you can wear them into the shower, you can see to put makeup on, and you can wear any sunglasses you wish without having to swap out eyeglasses. These are just a few of the advantages of contacts, and we’ll be happy to discuss others with you during your consultation visit.

Some people are afraid of the idea of putting something in their eye every day, but the newer contacts on the market are incredibly easy to use, and we make sure you are completely comfortable and confident with handling them before you leave our office. It used to be that if you had astigmatism or needed bifocals, you were not a candidate for contacts, but that is no longer true. We have the right contacts even for these situations. It is rare for anyone to not be able to take advantage of all the benefits that contacts provide.

Give us a call today to schedule your consultation for contacts. We are just a short drive from Davidson, North Carolina. Trust your eyes to our professionals at Friedman Eye Care!


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