Glasses, Davidson, NC

Want the most stylish glasses in Davidson? Come see our inventory of 600+ frames!

Glasses in Davidson, North CarolinaIt used to be that anyone who had to wear glasses was ridiculed and teased, particularly children in school. These days, glasses are such a fashion statement that many eyeglass wearers couldn’t imagine their appearance without them. At Friedman Eye Care, we have a huge selection of glasses, so you can get the precise appearance you are looking for. And, if you can’t find something you like in our inventory of 600+ frames, we can usually order what you do want.

In addition to having the frames you want so that you look great, we also have the lens choices you desire so you can SEE great, too! It may be wonderful to know how others see you, but how you see them is critical. It is also important to have glasses that protect your eyes, so we also offer polarized sunglasses and sports eyewear, as well.

You’ll receive the attentive care of our optometrist, Dr. Steven D. Friedman, in order to get an accurate prescription for your glasses, and the rest of our staff will be on hand to help you with the selection of the frames and lenses that best match your taste and lifestyle. Our marriage of top-quality products and superior service is what makes us a popular choice for those in Davidson, North Carolina.

Feel free to stop by and check out our selection of glasses or call us to set up your eye exam and consultation. We’ll be happy to answer all your questions about glasses, and also about contacts if you would like to know more about them, as well.




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