Prescription Glasses, Davidson, NC

Whether you need an updated prescription or a new style of frames for your prescription glasses in Davidson, we’ve got you covered!

Prescription Glasses in Davidson, North Carolina
At Friedman Eye Care, we know you rely on your prescription glasses for daily tasks. Driving, work, and school are all important things that require clear sight. At Friedman Eye Care, our goal is to give quality service to each patient in the Davidson, North Carolina area. Each day, we work to ensure you are satisfied with your eye care and products, including prescription glasses. If you need a new prescription for your glasses or just want to change the style of your frames, we can help!

Our optometrist is very experienced, well-educated, and the first one to call if you feel your eyesight has changed at all. With a simple eye exam, you can get your prescription updated quickly and new prescription glasses ordered. Our services will work for your entire family, so you and your kids can all receive quality eye exams and prescription glasses if needed. Eye products are designed differently for different ages, so we will make sure every member of your family gets glasses tailored to them and their needs.

We also have a variety of different styles and materials for our lenses and frames. With over 600 frames available, you are sure to find something you love that fits your style. Our team will work with you to find comfortable, functional, and stylish prescription glasses you will look forward to wearing. Don’t wait to call us about new prescription glasses. Our professional, friendly team is ready to help you whether you need a new prescription or new frames. Contact us today!

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