Lenses, Davidson, NC

It is time you learned what others in Davidson have – that modern lenses can change your eyeglass-wearing experience tremendously!

Lenses in Davidson, North CarolinaIf you haven’t checked into eyeglass lenses recently, you may be missing out on some features that could make a big difference in your life! At Friedman Eye Care, serving the Davidson, North Carolina area, we offer all the newest choices in lenses that can make you fall in love with wearing glasses.

One of the things that many eyeglass wearers find annoying is dealing with swapping out their clear eyeglasses for prescription sunglasses every time they go outdoors. If this is something you dislike, you will be happy to learn that we have a solution! Transition lenses automatically adjust the tint of the lenses as you move from one light condition to another. While these have been around for a number of years, more recent improvements have made the transitioning much faster than was previously experienced.

Another top improvement in lenses is the ability to make them thinner than ever. This means less weight on the bridge of your nose, a nicer appearance, and the ability to choose from more types of frames than you could have before. These high-index lenses are an amazing option if you need a strong prescription.

Are you in front of a camera often and find that none of the shots work out because of glare from your eyeglasses? With today’s anti-reflective lenses, that problem will be minimized drastically. Let your beautiful eyes shine through without glare keeping them hidden.

These are just a few of the advances in lenses that can totally change your eyeglass wearing experience. Call us today and schedule a consultation, so we can tell you more about the amazing lenses we have to offer.


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