Post-op Cataract Care, Cornelius, NC

We are here to help you make a full recovery after cataract surgery in Cornelius by offering post-op cataract care.

Post-op Cataract Care in Cornelius, North CarolinaIf you have a cataract operation scheduled, you may be worried about what to expect following the surgery. At Friedman Eye Care, we offer post-op cataract care and can help you prepare for what your operation holds and also make sure you make a full recovery in Cornelius, North Carolina. Our goal is to help you maintain the health and vision of your eyes now and in the future.

After your cataract surgery is over, you may experience some slight discomfort for a day or two. When this happens, taking an over-the-counter pain reliever may help. Your eyes may also be red or swollen for a few days following the operation, and while your vision may be blurry at first, it will gradually improve in the days after. We highly recommend wearing sunglasses whenever you go outside after the surgery as your eyes may be more sensitive to light than they were before.

As part of the post-op cataract care process, you will need to come into our office a few times to make sure your eyes are healing appropriately. You should also call our office if you are worried that you are experiencing extreme or unexpected side effects from the operation.

At Friedman Eye Care, we are here to ensure that your cataract operation is successful and that the recovery process goes smoothly from start to finish. If you want to know more about post-op cataract care, reach out to our office today.