Pre-op Cataract Care, Cornelius, NC

We can help you prepare for cataract surgery in Cornelius with our pre-op cataract care services.

Pre-op Cataract Care in Cornelius, North CarolinaIf you struggle with cataracts, having them removed surgically can be an advantageous way to restore your vision. At Friedman Eye Care, we can help you prepare for your operation in Cornelius, North Carolina because we offer pre-op cataract care, and we will make sure you are ready for what the operation holds while also ensuring you are a good candidate for this form of treatment.

Pre-op cataract care is relatively simple, but it is essential to ensuring your surgery is successful and you are able to make a full recovery. After we have determined that cataract surgery will benefit your eyes and the day of your operation is coming up, make sure you have a ride arranged to travel to and from the hospital. You should also eat and drink regularly before the operation and make sure you have filled your prescription eye drops beforehand.

One of the best pre-op cataract care pieces of advice we can give you is to not worry. Although it is natural to have concerns about how your operation will go, this operation has been performed thousands upon thousands of times in the U.S., and it is relatively routine.

At Friedman Eye Care, we are committed to helping you preserve the health of your vision and the health of your eyes. For more information about pre-op cataract care and what it entails, give our office a call today.