Eyeglass Prescriptions, Cornelius, NC

We can give you an eyeglass prescription that will put you on your way to better vision in Cornelius, NC.

Eyeglass PrescriptionsYou’ve been to see your eye doctor here at Friedman Eye Care, and you’ve discussed any vision issues you have had. We write you an updated eyeglass prescription so you can get a new pair of glasses. As you look at the prescription, you think, what is all this writing? I don’t understand any of it! Here are some simple answers to deciphering all those letters and numbers.

  • OD, OS, OU – These are abbreviations for Latin words describing which eyes are being addressed.
    • OD = Oculus Dexter (Right Eye)
    • OS = Oculus Sinister (Left Eye)
    • OU = Oculus Uterque (Both Eyes)

Although these are traditional symbols, you may also see modernized versions using “Right Eye (RL)”, “Left Eye (LE)”, or Both Eyes (BE)”.

  • SP – An abbreviation for the word “Sphere”, this indicates the amount of power you need in your lens to correct your vision. Numbers using a minus sign (-) suggest nearsightedness and a plus sign (+) or if there is no sign at all is for farsightedness.
  • CYL – For “Cylinder”, this number gives the lens power for astigmatism. If there is no number listed, you don’t need correction for this eye issue.

There are a few other symbols, including “Axis”, “Add”, and “Prism”, which give information about the base line for vision with no correction, magnifying power, and corrections for eye alignment problems. All of these symbols and numbers are important for giving you the best eyeglass prescriptions and on your way to better vision. If you are in the Cornelius, NC area and would like more information about eyeglass prescriptions, call us at Friedman Eye Care today!

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