Contact Lens Evaluation, Davidson, NC

A contact lens evaluation can help you see better and more comfortably in Davidson.

Contact Lens Evaluation in Davidson, North Carolina
Here at Friedman Eye Care, we want you to always feel confident and comfortable when it comes to your vision. For some people, that means sticking with fashionable frames, while for others, it means placing and removing contact lenses daily . . . and for many of us, it means both! Many people start out in glasses when they’re young and graduate to contact lenses when they are older and (often) more responsible. If you are looking to start using contact lenses, we would love for you to come to us for a contact lens evaluation.

We have many different types of lenses that we can recommend to you, some of which include:

  • Daily Disposables: Do you hate when you go out of town and inevitably forget your saline solution? Daily disposables are a great option for people who want to wear contacts but not be constantly caring for them.
  • Bifocal Contact Lenses: As we age, our eyes change shapes, and this changing makes it more difficult to see items close to us. Bifocal contact lenses can let you ditch the reading glasses!
  • Gas Permeable Contact Lenses: These comfortable lenses allow your eyes to breathe and are great for beginning contact users and those of us who have worn them for years!.
  • Tinted Lenses: It’s fun to change it up every now and then with your clothing, hair, and now your eye color!
  • Toric for Astigmatism: If you have astigmatism, you now have a contact option just for you!

If you want to know more about our contact lenses, come have a contact lens evaluation. Our contact lens evaluations can be done during a regular office visit and are a great way to find the best fit for your eyes in Davidson, North Carolina. Come see us today!

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