Detailed Eye Examination, Davidson, NC

We can make sure your eyes see their best in Davidson with a detailed eye examination.

Detailed Eye Examination in Davidson, North CarolinaDid you know scheduling a detailed eye examination should be a priority, even if you don’t need vision correction? At your routine eye exam, an eye care professional checks for more than just a corrective lens prescription – they also check for potential health concerns that could affect your vision in the future.  At Friedman Eye Care, we can make sure your eyes see their best in Davidson, North Carolina with a detailed eye examination.

During a detailed eye examination, it is important for our team to check for refractive errors in your vision, such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism. When these vision issues occur, usually some form of correction is required to improve visual accuracy. In addition, we’ll check for any underlying eye-health concerns that may not have obvious symptoms. Early onset glaucoma or issues related to diabetes may be found during a detailed eye examination, whereas they may not be noticeable yet on a day-to-day basis. Additionally, our brains can sometimes work overtime when our eyes are not working properly together, making it difficult to complete daily tasks. During a detailed eye examination, our team can address your concerns if you are having difficulty focusing, driving, or performing another task and help you achieve improved vision and function.

Whether you have good vision or not, a detailed eye examination ensures your eyes are healthy and provides the proper solutions for correct vision issues. At Friedman Eye Care, we are a small family practice that is proud to offer personal service when you come in for an appointment. Call us today to schedule your next eye exam.


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