Refractive Surgery Consultation, Davidson, NC

We can help you understand what to expect from your refractive surgery consultation in Davidson.

Refractive Surgery Consultation in Davidson, North Carolina

Are you tired of the constant care that your contacts require? Would you love to stop misplacing your glasses? Are you excited by the thought of being able to see your clock when you wake up in the morning without the assistance of your glasses? If you are sick and tired of being saddled down by glasses or contacts, our team at Friedman Eye Care would love to talk to you about refractive surgery to correct your vision. Refractive surgery works for many common types of vision problems, such as myopia, hyperopia and even astigmatism. We understand that eye surgery can be a tense topic for some of our Davidson, North Carolina customers, so we have our patients come in for a refractive surgery consultation before making any decisions.

When you come in for a refractive surgery consultation, you’ll be pleasantly met by our professional and courteous staff. We try to make our office as warm and inviting as possible, in order to help even our most hesitant or anxious of customers feel right at home. During your refractive surgery consultation, you’ll meet with our qualified optician, who can explain the procedure to you and answer any questions that you might have about the procedure, explain what your healing process will be like, etc. With over 25 years of experience working in optometry, we have a wealth of knowledge and information that we use to serve you better!

During your refractive surgery consultation, your eyes will be evaluated to see what course of action the surgery should follow. You’ll also receive a more complete medical history, so we can find out any issues that might deter you from having refractive surgery. We will always look for the best course of action for our patients and would love for you to come talk with us! If you’re interested in seeing clearer without the use of corrective eyewear, please contact us to schedule your refractive surgery consultation.




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