Post-Op Refractive Surgery Care, Davidson, NC

Your healing process is important to us in Davidson, so we have outlined post-op refractive surgery care procedures for our patients.

Post-Op Refractive Surgery Care in Davidson, North Carolina

When it comes to any kind of surgery, once the procedure is complete, you will have a recovery period during which you must allow your body to heal so you can get back to your daily routine. Eye care is no different, and we also have post-op surgery directives that we help our patients follow in order to get the most from their eye care procedures. When you come to Friedman Eye Care, you’ll see that our patients come first, and that means caring for them before and after their appointments and procedures, as well as during the procedure itself.

During your post-op refractive surgery care, you can expect to have a few visits with your eye doctor. We will look at your eyes and determine with our specialized training and methods how your healing is progressing along. We can help you manage any discomfort you might have as well as give you a timeline for what you can expect from your eyes and body while they are healing from your surgery. And we don’t forget about you once your surgery is complete– we want to make sure our patients get the most out of their surgery with our post-op refractive surgery care.

Our office has been in business and working with the people of Davidson, North Carolina for over 25 years. We would love to help you with all your eye care questions, including those about post-op refractive surgery care. If you have questions about your post-op care or questions about the surgery itself, we would love to answer them. Call us today for more information!

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