Eye Care, Cornelius, NC

Our specialized team is able to handle any of the regular eye care services you may need in Cornelius, NC.

Eye CareEye care is so important in preserving your eye sight. Although many conditions can disrupt the proper functioning of your eyes, regular eye care can identify these problems early, allowing us to treat and manage the associated symptoms.  Our office is equipped with all the latest in tools and techniques to ensure a positive experience for you each time you visit. We put our clients’ needs first because we know the importance of building a strong doctor/patient relationship.

At Friedman Eye Care, we have dedicated ourselves to preserving the “old fashioned” doctor/patient relationship. We treat you how we would treat any member of our family. Each member of our team is friendly and knowledgeable, ensuring you receive the type of service you expect. We offer regular eye exams, cataract evaluations, contact lens consultations, frame selection, and treat many other ocular conditions. Our specialized team is able to handle any of the regular eye care services you may need. We are local and family-friendly, serving the Cornelius, NC area for over 25 years.

Our specialized office houses over 600 frame styles to choose from, with countless more available for order. We offer contact lens consultations and fittings, and we also perform treatment services for many ocular diseases and conditions. If you are struggling with dry eye syndrome, glaucoma, red eye issues, etc., contact us today to schedule an appointment and experience the relief we can offer.

If you are in the Cornelius, NC area, trust our expert team at Friedman Eye Care for all your general eye care needs. From dry eyes to cataracts and glaucoma, we can identify, treat, manage, and correct many eye conditions that affect the longevity and quality of your eyesight. We are the area’s trusted source of eye care services for children and adults, and we don’t just settle for the one-time appointment. We hope you will continue to trust us for all your eye care needs for many years to come.


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