Optometrist, Cornelius, NC

It is important to meet with an optometrist regularly in Cornelius, NC to have your eyes evaluated for potential conditions that may get worse without treatment.

OptometristAs trained optometrists, the eye doctors in our office are able to provide a variety of eye care services to help maintain the quality of your vision. We are able to perform regular eye exams as well as identify a variety of eye health conditions and ailments. We treat many eye conditions right here in our office, from dry eye syndrome to glaucoma. For lesser eye problems, such as astigmatism, near sidedness, and far sidedness, we offer consultations for both contact lenses and glasses.

One of the most important benefits of meeting with an optometrist regularly is to have your eyes evaluated for potential conditions that may get worse without treatment. Your optometrist can also suggest a variety of life changes you can make to help preserve your eyesight for as long as possible. If you are wondering if it is time to visit an optometrist, consider if any of these situations sound familiar.

  • Your eyes are always red or dry
  • You experience blurred vision
  • You experience floaters in your vision
  • You experience flashing lights
  • You experience eye pain
  • You experience sudden loss of vision
  • You smoke regularly
  • You have trouble seeing at night
  • You would like to discuss contact lenses, glasses, or bifocals
  • You need specialized eye protection for work
  • It has been more than one year since your last eye appointment

Regular care and identification of symptoms like these on our list will help you stay ahead of any problems that may affect your eyesight. If you are ready to schedule your first appointment or if you would like more information, contact our office today. We are conveniently located in Cornelius, NC, across from the Goodwill.


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