Ocular Conditions, Cornelius, NC

We are happy to provide routine eye exams as an excellent way to check for common ocular conditions in Cornelius, NC.

Ocular ConditionsOur eyes are one of the most important things when it comes to performing routine daily tasks. Sometimes eye issues come up that are annoying, but don’t necessarily require emergency treatment. Telling your eye care professional about your symptoms may still be the best course of action, so you can go about your day without nagging eye issues. At Friedman Eye Care, our team checks for a few common, treatable ocular conditions including:

  • Floaters – Floaters across your vision, including specks and spots, can be pretty annoying. On bright days outside, little spots in your vision make it difficult to see and to enjoy the outdoors. Many people experience floaters regularly, and they are fairly harmless. However, it is good to have this checked to make sure it isn’t an indicator of something that needs additional attention.
  • Weeping/Tearing – Weeping or tearing is the production of additional tears to alleviate and moisturize the eyes. This ocular condition is common when someone experiences light sensitivity or is subject to wind or temperature changes. Wearing protective glasses outdoors can be especially helpful, but an eye doctor can also check for clogged tear ducts or minor eye infections.
  • Dry Eye – Dry, itchy eyes are the result of our tear glands producing too few tears to moisturize the eyes properly. Additionally, this may occur when our glands produce tears of poor quality that do not do a good job of alleviating dry eyes.  Some simple solutions for this issue are using a humidifier or using eye drops to increase comfort during daily tasks.
  • Glaucoma – An ocular condition in which the pressure in the eye increases, glaucoma potentially causes damage to the optic nerve. While some pressure in the eye is normal, pressure that is too high may cause permanent eye damage. Often glaucoma has no symptoms of pain, so it is important to have your eye pressure checked during your routine eye exams.

Our team at Friedman Eye Care serves the Cornelius, NC area and is happy to provide routine eye exams as an excellent way to check for common ocular conditions. We believe in early detection and treatment to prevent worse vision issues in the future. We will walk you through ocular condition causes and treatments to help you improve your eye health.

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